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Thread: Microsoft One Drive scam?

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    Microsoft One Drive scam?

    I got an email the other day saying my Microsoft One Drive account is about to be shut down as it has'nt been used in 2 years and has links to log into it. I have never set up a One Drive account. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this email.

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    I don’t use Onedrive and never click on links in an email without investigating them.
    However I found this on the MS support website which might be useful:
    Look under ‘Other FAQs’, ‘phishing’
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    Havent seen that one. But an email for something you dont use, that includes links, has high potential for trouble. Glad you dodged that bullet!
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    You must have better spam filters than my email provider. I see that frequently about many websites some of which I have never used.
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    The links in emails are always suspect, IMO. Some are genuine, it is not real difficult to sort things into real vs scam.

    If it is a known web site, use your browser to check on whatever is involved.

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    It's good you are suspicious of emails like this.

    I almost always delete anything that I don't recognize right away. If I'm unsure I may open the email but never click a link. First thing I do is check who sent the mail. If it is a legit message the email address should look very straight forward. In your case, emails for one drive would look like this:
    OneDrive <>

    Usually spam or phishing email address would look suspicious like:

    If you still aren't sure, safest thing to do is to open a browser and try to log into your onedrive account. If you have an outlook or Hotmail account Microsoft usually sets up a onedrive account for you too. If you do have a one drive account and you see nothing in it, it's fine to let it lapse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOEL MONGEON View Post
    If you have an outlook or Hotmail account Microsoft usually sets up a onedrive account for you too.
    Also Office365...not sure about the non-subscription versions of the various Office apps, but I would not be surprised if a slug of OneDrive storage comes with those as well.
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    I just got an email about Office 365. I cancelled auto renewal which I probably didn't need to do since the credit card they had was not valid anymore. I understand there's a free office I can use instead of paying $100 a year. I just don't use it very much.

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