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Thread: M18 Milwaukee Battery Memorial Day Sales???

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    M18 Milwaukee Battery Memorial Day Sales???

    Guy's with the help of SMC member's we are able to search for tools all over the US that is on sale. Since its the Memorial Day weekend thanks to all our service men & women who has protected the people of US in past/present and future. I am in search for M18 6au Milwaukee batteries to fit my new saw, so looking for that weekend sale. Right now HD has pair of 6au for 229.00 which is not a sale but regular price. So if someone should come across a sale please let us know with link or the website. Thanks for any suggestions, guidance. I did search Amazon but there is some imposters there that look like Milwaukee batteries, so looking for real deal.

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    I believe ToolNut is running promotions this weekend, but do not know if accessories like batteries are included.

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