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Thread: 2003 Mini Max 20" Bandsaw

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    2003 Mini Max 20" Bandsaw

    Does anyone know where I can buy parts for a 2003 Mini Max 20" Bandsaw? After several moves, the DC connection adaptor needs to be replaced.

    I've tried reaching out to SCM, but am only getting crickets from them.




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    I replaced the DC connection port on my 2008 MM16 with one from Rockler. It required drilling & tapping 4 holes, not a big deal. It looks like Rockler doesnít carry it anymore but this one from Amazon looks to be the same:
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    Thanks Bruce!!!!

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    For this particular part, aftermarket is clearly the easier play. Should you need other parts...

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    +1 for an aftermarket option. That one Bruce Page showed actually looks sturdier than OEM.

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