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Thread: Spindle Sander Table Riser

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    Spindle Sander Table Riser

    I hope this isn't a repeat. I had a little spindle work to do today. I had made ver-1 of this idea 6 or 7 years ago out of some scrap from breaking down an old Ikea or Wal-Mart TV stand. Like other things I am sure we all have it has never made it to ver-2 since ver-1 just works.
    Most of my material that gets spindle sanded is 6/4 or less. This means I only use a portion of the sleeve. I saw some clever guy in one of the trade rags do this after a fashion and stole the idea. I now pass it on once-removed .

    I have the commercial throat plates for this sander but don't use them with this rig which pretty much lives on the machine.
    Spindle Sander Table Riser (1).jpg

    Just in case I hadn't shown the dust port extensions that make shop-vac hookup easy . . .
    Spindle Sander Table Riser (2).jpg

    I cut the old TV stand into squares. I marked out the table position and sank some dowels to act as positioners.
    Spindle Sander Table Riser (3).jpg

    The piece in the foreground in the above pic sets on the table. The double dowels on opposing corners keep things stable.
    Spindle Sander Table Riser (4).jpg

    The four holes in the corners of the smaller pieces have dowels inserted halfway through.
    Spindle Sander Table Riser (5).jpg

    The extended dowel slips into the remaining hole of the next unit, etc.
    Spindle Sander Table Riser (6).jpg

    This lets me use a little or a lot of the spindle. It also allows me to choose a location on the spindle to use. Just one of those things that was slapped together and then lasts for years .
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    That's a really good idea to better leverage all the abrasive!

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    My floor stand spindle sander uses 9 inch sleeves and even sanding 8/4 most of the upper section doesn't get used. If they get worn or loaded up too much I just pull the sleeve out and reverse it on the spindle.

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    Gret idea!

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