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Thread: New to DelMarVa

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    New to DelMarVa

    Hey Folks,

    I am new to Delaware - I live in Magnolia, which is a very small town just south of Dover. I am looking for stores or mills to buy furniture grade lumber. I can mill the lumber if you have rough boards. I did not move my wood collection with me from Northern California, so I need to start over again. I am guessing there are several of you mill owners looking to unload stock in the area. Please message me or let me know via reply here. I would be psyched to grab some walnut and or local Pennsylvania cherry, and I am really jonesing for some QS white oak Let me know? I would prefer ready to work dried wood, but if I have to store it I have the capacity.


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    Welcome to the 302.

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    Welcome to the right coast!
    I was in your neighborhood last Wednesday, passing though from VA to New Jersey and return.

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    Try looking on the Woodmizer website. They list small sawmills

    I needed some unique wood a while back and I finally found a small sawmill that could do what I wanted.

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    Joe — you are not that far from Hearne Hardwoods in PA. Arguably one of the best lumber suppliers in the mid-Atlantic region. Highly recommend checking them out when you have a chance.

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    Hey Joe, I am in Bowers. Greg Flegal in Kennett Square has beautiful lumber

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