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Thread: Cabinet hardware Jig

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    Cabinet hardware Jig

    Been a long time since I've had to install a lot of pulls/knobs, 40 years ago we'd make a wood jig for alignment,the way I remember it I never screwed up a cabinet using it. Now I'm seeing a lot of Jigs for sale from $17 to & 200. I'm looking at the Alum T style I'd spend $50-60 on one just because they look cool & why not. Problem is none of them I've seen will do a a 6" pull centered on a 34" drawer unless you don't use edge stop which would mean measuring & marking. Anyway has anyone used these jigs on large/wide drawers what do you end up doing ?

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    I got a used TruePositionTools Max on eBay and love it. Handles almost every kind and length of pull.
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