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Thread: Wanted: used or new housing for Jet DC-1200

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    Wanted: used or new housing for Jet DC-1200

    Hi everyone, I have one of the older generation of Jet DC-1200 dust collectors, the blue colored one. I bought a vortex cone to retrofit, before realizing the old housing on my unit is not compatible. I'm looking for just the housing, and hope I dont have spend over $200 to buy one as I've found online. Anyone have a junked collector? I'd buy just the housing, and maybe the duct?

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    It would help to know your location.

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    Is the incompatibility because your housing is not pre-drilled for the cone's bracket?
    Try a search for "Jet cone retrofit" and you'll find some folks who manage to mount the cone in their older DCs.

    I ended up using an oneida SDD that worked well for keeping shavings out of the filter.


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