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Thread: cub cadet older LTX-1142 Hydrastatic, start issue

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    cub cadet older LTX-1142 Hydrastatic, start issue

    went to do a second cut and the mower would not start. Tried it a number of times. Was picking up new blades and a gasket so grabbed a battery same time. When measured the old one it was 12.6 amps and the new one was about the same. Had learned with the pickup truck when it would not start the voltage measure doesnt matter, it measured well and would not start the truck then new battery measured less volts and turned it over excellent. i dont have a way to measure amps.

    When I turned the key old battery in the mower there was a clic so solenoid engaging then it try to turn over turn over and you would hear it but just split second and not keep going, there was also a high pitched whistle noise that came after the not turn over or try to, this high pitched noise as long as the key still still turned to where it should be turning over. This was on the old battery. New battery ended up exactly the same so the issue was not low amps in the battery. Same thing clic and try to start but not turn over or only split second trying to like it had a big load on it then the whistle sound with the key still turned. All of the dogs in the area froze with the whistle sound and I felt like Ace Ventura.

    If the solenoid clics does that mean its good? If the starter is on its way out then maybe its loaded up. After several attempts maybe six it did just turn over then worked fine. Work got done and it started fine, likely all warm and happy. I can take the starter out and test it on its own see what it does.

    I also lifted the seat and it has that thing where as soon as you get off the mower stops. I noticed it was wet from a crack in the seat. I defeated that "sawstop" feature to eliminate that. Im careful enough that I can get by without that.

    If a solenoid clics does that mean it fine? In the past on some cars even dirty battery terminals can do that. ILl clean them tomorrow just to be sure but doubt that, right now im leaning towards the starter motor is just done its time and is causing drag.


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    The purpose of the solenoid is to provide voltage to the high amp starting circuit. There is a set of contacts inside the solenoid that can get burned from arcing when starting the mower. It sound to me like your solenoid is possibly bad. The other thing that can happen is that you have corroded connections between the battery and the stater. My suggestion your be to take all those connections apart and clean each side of the connection to insure good electrical flow. This cleaning should include the battery terminals and clamps. Once all those connections are clean and tight, try starting the mower again. If it still just clicks you have a bad solenoid.
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    Do not forget the ground terminal, both ends. I carries just as much power as the hot lead.
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    thanks on both. Makes total sense as a starting point. Bit hard to explain well as it was still trying to turn over that is it was moving a bit just could not continue. Recently the truck was exactly the same and in that case 100 battery. No squeeling but if i charged the battery and the voltage was good it was basically an attempt to turn over but not strength so just a split second turn over. I was surprsed voltage was less on the new battery yet it turned over like crazy. Have to get a hospital bed together for someone and likely deliver and set it up so focus changed but will get back to the mower tomorrow. Thanks on the logic.

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    My money is on a bad grounding connection.

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    The high pitched whistling sound makes me think you might have a missing tooth on the starter pinion or the flywheel. The whistling sound is the starter turning fast with no load on it. Might also just be gummed up so the pinion isn't engaging all the time. Disconnect the battery and pull the starter off for inspection.
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    the starters on some of these had issues with the recoil. I had similar issues on my CC 1641. starters are pretty inexpensive and easy to replace. take the side panel off and observe the starter, does the gear stay engaged with the flywheel or does it spring back out of the way?

    you may have to remove a small cover to see it.

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    If you have to replace starter, I recommend buying from DB Electric. Quick shipping, good pricing and never have I gotten a bad one. If your engine is a B&S, maybe the plastic drive gear is toast. I buy these by the dozen, as my 16 HP, twin cylinder Lincoln welder eats one about once a year

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    The whistle might be a blown head gasket. Hence not starting.

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    These don't have a remote mounted solenoid. As Tom says check the ground cable at the frame and make sure that connection is good. You have already had it off at the battery. Make sure the motor will turn over next. You might have to reach under to access the pulley. If it turns over freely then proceed to the starter. If the motor turns freely and the ground isn't bad then the starter has probably died. These aren't easy to work on. Tight quarters and awkward access usually.

    As a side note if you only have a volt meter you can still get a good indication on the battery by watching the voltage when you hit crank. While it may drop a couple volts it will recover almost all the way when the switch is released. If the starter is locked then you will see a more significant drop in voltage. A weak battery will fall well down and slowly recover. Maybe down in the single digits for voltage.

    I've heard starters make the whining noise when they engage but don't turn the engine over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul F Franklin View Post
    The high pitched whistling sound makes me think you might have a missing tooth on the starter pinion or the flywheel. The whistling sound is the starter turning fast with no load on it. Might also just be gummed up so the pinion isn't engaging all the time. Disconnect the battery and pull the starter off for inspection.
    Yup- sounds like the solenoid isn't pushing the plunger mechanism & pinion into the flywheel for some reason, OR the pinion shear pin/key went, OR the teeth are worn down to nubs...
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    Kohler motor and its great. Sidetracked getting the hospital bed together. Done now just deliver and set up

    the mower does have a separate solenoid if a you tube I saw was correct. I watched him take it apart to show the contacts. He had to take the battery out to get at the bolts that hold it in. Ill start with cleaning all contacts as it should be done anyway and go from there.

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