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Thread: white wash pine top, mineral stained poplar base table

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    white wash pine top, mineral stained poplar base table

    The recent table I built for a local customer got my wife wanting an upgrade for our table in our sunroom. So I used a similar design and cranked this out for her.

    The top is pine because she asked me to try to "white wash" it, and this seemed the most sensible choice for a first attempt at this (plus the sawmill had a nice selection). I used a "sun bleached" stain, wiped most of it off as quickly as possible, and then came back with rub on poly.

    I made my own super-wide dominoes to hold the breadboards in place - each measures about 1/2" thick x 3" wide x 5.5" long. The center domino is tight and draw bore pinned/glued. The outside dominoes are tight on the table side, but have room for expansion on the breadboard side (and draw bore holes are elongated).

    The base was originally going to be for the customer project, but I liked the mineral stained poplar which I was able to book match for a nice look (and the customer was adamant that she wanted a black painted base... so I built her another base). Slight taper on 2 sides, clear danish oil.

    This table is 29" wide x 8.5' long. A new bench is in the works already.

    My son and daughter both helped me with this project.

    pine top table 1.jpgpine top table 5.jpgpine top table 4.jpgpine top table 2.jpgpine top table 3.jpg
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    Thatís pretty cool Bob. It reminds me of a boardinghouse table with a steam punk bench on one side and contemporary seating on the other. I like it.
    Thanks for sharing

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    Nice project. I can't wait to see the new bench.
    Lee Schierer
    Captain USN(Ret)

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