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Thread: Using 80/20 on your workbench...

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    Using 80/20 on your workbench...

    I was wondering if folks have incorporated 80/20 extruded aluminum in their workbenches as a way of having additional ways to hold work down.... If so, I'd love to see how you used it!

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    I mounted some scraps of 80/20 at each end of my bench. They are very handy for storing track saw clamps upside down. The also make a handy cleat for extra clamping surface outboard of the bench.

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    One word of caution, This tip is due to my ignorance of aluminum extrusion. I bought the 6020 and did not realize that the tracks were 5mm, so none of my jigs and hold downs, etc., would work. I had to buy new screws and bolts to make things work. It wasn't too bad, other than locating the right sizes.
    I used mine as a base for a homemade MFT table. Works well, although I wish it would have had slots like my t-tracks have where I could have used 1/4" head bolts.
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    Take a look at the FOG (Festool Owners Group) website. Workbenches built from 8020 are a huge topic for discussion there.

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    Malcom? think he used to be on here, built this one, which is pretty interesting.

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