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Thread: Engraving on fine leather question

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    Engraving on fine leather question

    Ok, I just won't do fine leathers with my lasers. Nothing that is not veg tanned works well enough. Nice wallets, bibles are all off limits. So my question is what do you guys do to mark these items if anything?
    No one in the area does embossing, which historically is the method, foil or no foil. I get at least one call a month, and want to offer something for thse folks, but not sure what to go with.

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    with the exception of the "bad" one at the bottom, I did all these with my 40w Gravograph LS900;
    "bad" was the first piece of leather I ever lasered with my 25w Universal/Gravograph 'Optima', my first laser...
    Focus is key depending on the leather, some leather won't darken much if at all unless I de-focus some.
    And I've found adding distance between the lens and the work to de-focus works much better than shortening the distance...
    400 dpi seems to work good for me (about .065mm gap Chinese machines), 500mm/sec and what works out to about 40w power...




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