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Thread: plywood fissure?

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    plywood fissure?

    Gmorinng everyone
    so if youve been followinng along. started putting primer on the doors.
    it might be my ocd but i dont think so yet.
    noticed here and there that after the first coat of primer dried.
    on the plywood beadboard panels, i can see what i think are short grain ends lifting a bit.
    im sure it will show thru paint. so before putting on second coat of primer, whats the best way to fix these?
    its not all over, just a few of the panels, not all.
    the panels had been sanded to 180 grit.
    im thinking if i sand them back down lightly and then use the 3m glazing putty, but
    not sure. anyone have these experiences?

    regards eric

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    Glazing putty works well but don't use the orange/red stuff, use gray or white, or it will show through the next coat of primer.


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    For grain raised by paint I would just sand it before putting the next coat on.

    To patch and fill voids I prefer good old Bondo. It cures in 10 minutes and can be easily sanded. In my experience it also hangs onto wood VERY well.

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    I've been using epoxy. Forgot about Bondo. So much quicker. Better idea.
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