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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    2 May 2022

    It's been a pretty good week this week. I got some training done at the day job, I'm still taking weekly classes for skill building for my job and I got some time in the shop this week to work on the woodworking projects I've been working on. I got the home plate award plaques shipped out to TX on late Thursday and I had no idea it was going to cost $85 to ship four home plate plaques to TX from AR. Package weight was about 30 pounds. I'm not able to post pics yet as the award ceremony isn't until next week, so I'll have to reserve proof pics until after the award ceremony. This week, it's back to working on my son's bed project.

    That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
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    This past week was an "odds and ends" type week...put a toothbar on the Big Orange Power Tool so it's ready to do the digging for site prep for my upcoming shop building project, put in a 120v 20 amp outdoor circuit to the north side of the house as that's also necessary for the building project, did some planting in the landscape, mowed, cooked a bit and generally wasted time I also met with the electrician (finally!) on Thursday to come up with the plan for power to the shop and he's supposed to have a quote to me today...i'm not holding by breath, but I really need that to get my permit application in. This week will me more of the same...odds and ends including helping the younger daughter and her SO get their storage unit cleaned out so they can stop paying for it. There's space for the stuff at his parent's place now that they've moved.

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    Working on rededicating myself to meditation and stretching exercises. Mind over matter for me, I resist stuff that makes me feel better, go figure! Arthritis in my C1 C2 I broke in a car accident when I was hit by a drunk driver when I was 21 in 1977 is catching up with me. I also had 4 nerves pulled out of the left side of my spinal column and my neck is in constant twist mode due to the uneven pressure on my spine due to the muscle imbalance. Aging well requires real work, oh well.... You young'uns develop a routine now and it will serve you well. Brian

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    Spent a couple nights this week removing all my spoilboard off the CNC and installed 90+ threaded inserts. Got it all back together and reflattened it. First attempt to use the inserts had 3 of the 4 fall out of the back of the spoilboard. From there went to resaw a nice piece of Wenge and had blade drift halfway though 48" board. CNC ran a couple good jobs though.

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    I finished my all hand tool window sash build. A neighbor had a replacement window in a historic house that had rotted. I looked at it and said "I can build a replacement". I bought a door and window making book from lost art press and then thought "what have I committed to?" It went slow but I did it! I still need to fettle it in place and make the parting beads but it is spot on. It is a one over one but I had so much fun I singed up for a window joinery class at the end of May with Roy Underhill as the instructor. Should be fun.

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    That's a nice looking window Scott! Nice vertical grain stock too.

    I finished up the knife block and silverware organizers and put them into service; happy with how they came out:

    IMG_1309.jpg IMG_1310.jpg

    In preparation for staining and varnishing my closet doors, I made up 4 sets of door spinners so I can do both sides of all four doors at once. I had one set that I made ages ago, but it's intended for wider doors, these are better suited for 12-18 wide doors. The closet I'm doing now has 4 12 inchers, the next closet has 2 15 inches so I should be set.

    Other than those projects, I mostly did outside stuff. Last week I set up the irrigation pump we use to pump water from our pond to the garden and foundation beds. But after setting it up, it wasn't working properly...just pumping a trickle of water. Tracked the problem down to a mouse that had evidently crawled into the pump through the open inlet pipe (which normally connects via a 1 1/2 inch hose to the pickup strainer in the pond, but is just open during the winter when I pull the strainer and hose out of the pond). It was an unpleasant job to get all the mouse parts out of the pump. Needless to say, I'll screw a cap on the inlet for the winter from now on. I planted a few new shrubs to replace some that died last year, and spent the better part of a day pressure washing our deck.
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    Ordered DC duct. Continued work on the closet. Worked on a few small pieces in prep for building a high vise.

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    Friday, the 29th is a big day for me. This year, finished cardiac rehab (24 sessions,) nine years ago (2013) came home from rehab for bi-lateral knee replacement, and in 1978, also on the 29th, wife and I got married. Did a lot of work getting garden ready, including making a bunch of potting soil. Usual, cut the grass type stuff.

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