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Thread: Remember your first project

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    Remember your first project

    Remember the feeling on that first fun project that you completed completely on your own? I got that call this week from my teenage son. His first words on the phone were "It came out perfect". He has been building his own Skim board using a foam core and fiberglass/epoxy with a vacuum lamination. It was a pretty complex project building a wood shaping frame, sourcing the right materials and techniques. It was great seeing that expression on his face and voice tone in building something completely on his own.

    My first wood project like that was building an toy box for his older brother with a hand saw and router and figuring out dado joints. The box is still square 24 years later.

    What were your first projects and what do your remember about the feelings?

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    My first project completely on my own was my log bar. It is great!! I don't think I will every be with out it.

    My first project ever woodworking was a computer desk in high school shop.
    Jeff Sudmeier

    "It's not the quality of the tool being used, it's the skills of the craftsman using the tool that really matter. Unfortunately, I don't have high quality in either"

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    Since I dont have enough tools to do anything at home, I still haven't done my first project completely by myself. I've always had to go to the WW school to use the tools and those tools come along with the teacher and his usually bad, always dangerous advice.

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    My first project was to make a pair of tiny beds for my two girls. We were on a temporary assignment in Michigan and I was going a little nuts. I bought a Craftsman RAS and set it up in the basement of our appartment building. Back in '72 you could make anything with a RAS, remember?

    I bought oak stair treads as the raw material. Not much in the way of fancy joinery. I remember sanding the wood so smooth I couldn't get it to take any stain. As for remembered feelings? I worried a lot about getting kicked out of the apartment building!

    Bill W.
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    For my first project I wanted to build bedside tables for my wife's b-day. Her b-day is in Nov. so I started nice and early in July to make sure that I got them done in time. I got them done just in time ... for the next years b-day! She wanted cabriole legs, so in addition to buying a TS, I also bought a BS.

    When I realized how little I knew, I built 2 prototypes out of poplar that were greatly simplified. LOML painted them white and they are still in use in our guest bedroom. Then I made a complete duplicate out of pine to practice doing a drawer, M&T joints, etc. Then finally made the two real ones out of walnut. They are in use, but whenever I look at them I cringe. LOML won't let me replace them though, she says that she knows how much love and effort went into them and they are too precious to her.

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    Mine was an entertainment center I built in an apartment while in college. It was made out of 1x pine and sized to fit the lumber. Pieces were not edge-glued or anything, but connected with battens screwed to the back. 15 years later it is still in use in my son's room.
    I can still look at it and say, "not bad" considering all I had was a circular saw and drill, and it was constructed on the balcony of an apartment.


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    Still have my first project in wood I ever did.
    Hand built [no electrons] a small lidded box in High school shop.
    Still got that little bugger somewhere.

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    Mine was my workbench, shaker style. I figured if I screwed up real bad, at least it would be something that sits in the garage and not something that sits somewhere in the house.

    As luck would have it I did screw up in a noticable place (router had a mind of its own and took a walk along the front edge of the table. At least it wasnt the top) but the table is solid and works great.

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    Wood & canvas kayak in woodshop, 8th grade, 1969.

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    And YES it did float with me in it. Used it for flyfishing.

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