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Thread: Thein Top Hat

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    Thein Top Hat

    Years ago (2008-2010) I made a Thein Top Hat for my Harbor Freight 2hp dust collector. I made it to apec and it took me forever to make it perfect. However, I used a 21 gallon galvanized garbage can to collect the chips, etc and vented the fine dust outside.
    I am getting tired of continually emptying the can, and Iím thinking about converting it to a 55 gallon drum.
    I was thinking of just cutting out a circle of 1/2Ē mdf and extending the slot into it.
    Are there any concerns that you all would have about doing this. I was just planning on screwing it to the existing bottom, in case it doesnít work, I can unscrew it and the seal for the 21gallon can would stay intact.
    Please give me some guidance or direction if this seems doable, or just forget about it.

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    I had Thein baffles on both my 1 HP dust collector and shop vac until a couple years ago when I upgraded to Dust Deputies. Don't think you will have any problem with what you are proposing. I saw a noticeable improvement with the Dust Deputies but if you are on a tight budget the Thein baffle is a great alternative.

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