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Thread: Klingspor foam sanding pads

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    Klingspor foam sanding pads

    Purchased some Klingspor foam sanding pads for chair leg sanding. I used the 120 grit ultra flex aluminum oxide pad. I was disappointed with the cutting action. I grabbed some 120 grit sandpaper and it cut quick. I tried a Klingspor foam sanding block. Another disappointment. Both pads loaded up quickly and I repeatedly vacuumed them clean. Still lackluster. The pads seem like a great idea, but just did not deliver. Anybody have success with these foam backed pads?

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    I do but at much finer grits. My foam pads start at 600.
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    I've been favorably impressed with the Indasa Rhynosoft foam backed pads. They have them down to 80 grit, but I haven't tried anything coarser than 240.

    Across multiple products I've found the Indasa products to be faster sanding and longer lasting than similar products I've gotten from Klingspor.

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    I can relate, and have discovered the only sanding pads that do well are thinner, like the 3M or Mirka 3/16 4x5 gray foam pads. It's all I use in the finishing room.
    Only thing I've found to suit your aim sanding bare wood with irregular/curved surfaces is the Mirka Goldflex that comes in rolls, perforated for tear off. The 180's actually sand just like my 180 papers, but the super soft, thin foam backing helps make things go easier on moldings, etc. And, they last a very long time.
    Just seems every time I've tried the 1" thick ones, the grit sprayed directly on the foam is nothing like their labeled equivalent for cutting action, as you describe.

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    No experience with that brand, but I really like the Sia Soft rolls. 320 is my standard abrasive for sanding the first coat of finish, and rougher grits are constantly used by my lathe. You can buy low quantities to test here.
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    Thank you, I've had similar experience with the Klingspor, so so performance.

    When I ordered them, there were a couple of abrasive options available. I bought both, but really didn't see any better performance in one versus the other.

    I've just ordered three of the sample Mirka Goldflex packs from Lee Valley.

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    Same, the Klingspor foam abrasives wear out so quick. The only Klingspor product I'm using anymore is for my edge, disc, and spindle sander. Everything else is Sia, Mirka, 3m, or Festool.
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