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Thread: Gassed up today

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    paid $6.39 for premium last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick McCarthy View Post
    paid $6.39 for premium last night.

    le'me put that in "PERSPECTIVE" for you.....0D52B615-38F1-4E38-8C97-44AF30CE60F1_4_5005_c.jpeg

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    thats bad, not only did he get screwed its slotted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren Lake View Post
    thats bad, not only did he get screwed its slotted.
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    thought this funny considering ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Wrenn View Post
    In our town, down main drag, gas prices range from $3.55 to $3.75. This price doesn't include any discounts, which range from three cents to ten cents. Go to adjourning town, and prices are higher ($3.90 -$4.09.) Same brands of gas and stations. It's a rip off when same brand of gas and vendor cost this much difference in one town to another, even though they are less than five miles apart.
    Illustrative of previous posts about this - - the major O&G companies divested their retail operations several years ago. Most don't even nationally advertise fuel anymore. Pump prices are set by the local and regional owners of these retail stations, aka your friends and neighbors.

    I doubt y'all need a discussion of the factors that go into this pricing, but you pay for everything from the bulk fuel, to location convenience, additives, and clean bathrooms. Hopefully you get proper perceived value for your money, and if not, maybe ride a bike? Or adopt Elon?

    $3.56/gal for regular (86 octane) here last night*; still applying the full complement of... uhm, ...pothole prevention fees.

    *-with CC, no memberships/discounts :: just to-the-public-price. 93 octane Premium was $4.18/gal
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    I paid $3.469 at Costco last night. This Costco is a business center with a fairly new gas station so the lines aren't long like a regular Costco. The gas station opened last last August or September. They had really low prices at first to get people to use the new gas station. I believe I paid $2.49 when they first opened. That was still a fair bit less than the going rate at other stations.

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    Cost difference of gas across the country, really a thorn for me-

    today's national average:

    price of gas in the SLC area today:
    --almost 40c more per gallon.

    Why does this piss me off?
    --Refineries in the SLC area:
    sl refineries.jpg

    and they get most of the oil they refine from Utah, Wyoming and Colorado...

    There's umpteen refineries within 15 miles of where I'm sitting,
    they get most of their oil by truck from a couple hundred miles away,
    and to top it off, because we're at 4400', our regular grade is only 85 octane...!

    Cheap transportation of oil in every way, and the lowest quality gas possible,
    is somehow worth a 40 cent per gallon upcharge...

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    Mr. Williams, your first map perfectly illustrates the high cost of certain 'group requirements' to the consumer. Unlike clean restrooms, they are tough to avoid. As a Moderator so eloquently stated, "Talk to your Congress critter." (TOS = I'll leave it at that.)
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    Utah has always had higher gas prices than Wyoming for some reason. Utah's gas tax is only 8 cents higher than Wyoming, but the price difference is usually more than eight cents.

    Strangely enough, the SLC Costco close to the airport generally has really good diesel prices. I don't know about gasoline as I am always driving through in a diesel powered vehicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Elfert View Post
    Utah has always had higher gas prices than Wyoming for some reason. Utah's gas tax is only 8 cents higher than Wyoming, but the price difference is usually more than eight cents. ....
    Often differences are deep in the supply chain. One example: directional drilling has been a real game changer. Build 1 surface drill pad and drill 2, 3, or 20 wells from the same pad. A bull-dozer just pulls the drill rig to a 30' offset from the last well, and then start drilling the next well. But some 'groups' weigh in and an environmental impact study may be required for both, or all. Not 1 report stapled to both permit applications, but a totally separate study for each. Things change in 30'!

    Or, what loops have to be jumped thru to build a lease road? And on, and on. In Mr. Williams' case, though I've no known professional affiliation to any on his map, I suspect those refineries have a higher 'group imposed' operating cost?
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    Well, it's been a month since I started this thread, so I thought I would update.

    As mentioned, I paid $5.05 for regular at my Costco a month ago.

    Today, it is $5.19. Same Costco. Just updating. Some big names near highways are asking $6.00. In the trendier places near L.A. it's $6.89 according to the news which naturally reports the highest price places.
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    Paid $3.85 for premium at Sams today, $.38 gas tax holiday ends Monday so I suspect the gas lines might be a bit long this weekend.
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    In case anyone likes anecdotes, here's a fresh one...

    Just got off a production planning call and we're trying to bring 3 new oil wells into production, with flow to an existing tank battery (where oil/gas/water separation is handled). They are drilled and frac'd - - ready to open the valves. Reservoir folks expect 2-3 days to recycle the frac water as it is returned to the surface, then figure 7.5-10k barrels of crude per day from each well for the first 2-2.5 months. They are all on BLM land.

    We cannot flare the additional gas, so the site needs a larger compressor to handle the larger gas volumes - - and get the gas into the existing sales pipeline. Already a compressor there - running. Larger compressor is sitting in our equipment yard. EPA says 'no new compressor.' No explanation.

    So the wells sit. And this is becoming routine.

    I'm guessing the US pump price of gas won't go down anytime soon. I'll let you speculate on why.

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    I think it is interesting to see that premium is still exactly 20 cents a gallon more then regular. With gas double or triple in in price you would think the differential would change at least one percent.
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