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Thread: My OneFinity has Landed

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    That looks great, i just setup my Onefinity a couple weeks ago, did you design the wasteboard file? I have a very basic wasteboard setup right now but I did just order t-tracks and once they come in I plan to set things up more with that and make a nice wasteboard like yours.

    I was really surprised with how sturdy it is, i was a bit worried about the hollowed rods but it is built like a tank.

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    Yes, I designed the spoilboard but would do it differently the next time. The 1/4" dowel holes are too sloppy for precision alignment. The grid is of no real value either. For my work, what I value above all else is being able to register parts in the X and Y planes that are absolutely parallel with those planes. To do that I screwed a piece of plywood to the spoilboard and then milled a right angle in it. So simple, and really effective.

    If you have not already done so, check that the machine is really, truly square. I thought I had it set up square, but then I found that my 90 deg cuts were not really 90 degrees. 1/32" difference on the diagonals is not good enough if you want 90.0 degrees.

    As Kevin mentioned earlier, holding things down securely is really, really important. I've had several cases where parts have moved a few thousandths, or more, which resulted in parts that don't fit properly. For folks doing carvings, etc. rigidly holding parts isn't all that important, though always a good thing, but for anyone making furniture or cabinet parts with joinery it's critical. I'm still searching for the best way to go about it.

    Good luck. I'm sure you'll enjoy the 1F. Mine has performed flawlessly, absolutely no complaints, and it's far more capable than I am at this point. I've done carvings, inlays, moldings, and cabinet and furniture parts with it. I thought these little birds were especially fun.

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