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Thread: Phase convertors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerome Stanek View Post
    The old carnys used to pull start their motors with a rope I used to work for a printing company and we printed a bunch of hints and facts for doing stuff to get by.
    Yes I was holding off commenting, a 3 phase motor for a RPC can be rope started in place of a single phase pony motor. Once the 3 phase motor is started and running on single phase it generates the 3d phase itself.

    As a electrician who worked on industrial for many years and then crossed over to HVAC/R I build my own phase convertor as I had access to lots of used Run caps and start caps and used a potential or voltage relay to start the motor and then drop out the start cap. Generally speaking to make a RPC it needs to be larger than the run load motor by at least 1/3.
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    Just like Bradley's friend, I made my own 25 years ago. Using an old 10hp 220v 750 rpm 3ph motor connected to a small add-on 3ph panel with a manual switch, starting it each morning with a pull cord. I use it every day for all my 3ph equipment with no problems at all, my Altendorf F45 saw and Maho MH600P milling machine work flawlessly.
    Although today I'd use a 15hp Lenze VFD feeding a 3ph sub panel connecting all equipment.

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    I have currently wired my phase convertor in conduit from the PC box to a 4 pin outlet, with a cord going to the machine.

    There is a 50A socket in the wall for charging a car. There is a dryer pigtail into the PC box (I put that in at my last shop) to be able to disconnect.

    I wonder if this will pass code.... but am about to find out. Anybody want to chime in on proper code for wiring a phase convertor?

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    I have a 20hp Phase perfect. I would recommend one only if you are going to run more than one machine with it.

    Mine is a PP-20. Its wired to a 100 amp 230V single phase breaker. The PP creates about 56 - 58 amps of 230V PH-3 which runs to a Siemens Load centre panel. Meaning there is no main breaker, just a panel full of breakers.

    Basically I walk in and snap the 100 amp breaker, wait 8 seconds and the contractor on the Phase Perfect "clunks ".. It makes a whistling sound and all the machines come to life.

    The 3 phases panel feeds a Table saw, Planer, Jointer, Wide Belt, Edge sander, Shaper, Mortiser and edge bander. The advantage to this system is .. For example, I just took delivery of a new shaper. Its 3 phase. I install an appropriate breaker, run a cable. ( usually Tec ) and the three phase machine is operable. The same Phase converter supplies all the machines.

    The PP will run more than one machine at a time. I assume it would likely run 3 or 4 machines, I've never tried it as I usually work alone.

    Mine is now about 14 years old. I bought it new and its been really good. The downside is that its expensive. The upside is everything else. Its one of those cry once things.

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