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Thread: Willow good for turning?

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    Willow good for turning?

    A add in local classified, free wood the post said that it is thought to be willow,is this wood ok to (learn to turn) as I say. I watched a few videos turning willow and the wood looked like I had some interesting grain.

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    It's okay to learn on and if you can tame it, great.
    I turned quite a bit when I first started turning, It's typically lightweight and can be prone to tear out. Free wood is always welcome.
    One of my first bowls was from willow
    Willow Bowl.jpg

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    It can be. I was lucky to acquire some willow burl. Soft but if tools are sharp it's not bad. I assume the regular non-burl would turn in a similar way. Here is a bowl and small hollow form from willow burls.
    IMG_3103 hi res.jpgIMG_0460.jpg


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    It takes super sharp tools to shear cut it when it's wet. Dull tools will just shove it around and make for fuzzy cuts. Pretty bland, but takes dye very well. I much prefer silver maple in that class of wood. Silver maple appears to be the major chosen tree in my city for quick shade. Super bountiful!

  5. Here is a lidded box I made from willow, which has a quilted ash lid, and willow knob. You can see how nicely it turned out. I do agree with Richard about sharp tools. Some willow has decent figure.

    willow-quilted Ash lidded box.jpg willow-quilted ash 2.jpg
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    Thanks I'll se if I can turn some if I can get some.

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