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Thread: Power supply 110/220

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    Power supply 110/220

    Hi. So I just purchased another power supply. In the past my power supplies had 110/220 switch on the side. This unit claims to be 110/220 but I see no switch on the inside/outside of the casing.

    In the back it does have the pretty standard FG / AC / AC 3 - pin connector. On my current wiring all 3 are wired. My guess is that because the existing power supply has a switch all three are wired. But in the case of this power supply where there is no switch I am making the educated guess that I would simply not connect 110 wire? My machine is 220. So more a manual 110/220 depending on which pin is wired? Any of you have experience here?ps-diagram.png
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    First, I'm quite familiar with AC but no genius... that out of the way-- , based on your photo, to wire up 110 you just connect to ONE of the AC lugs, for 220 connect to both.

    If you have a voltmeter, test each AC lug to the ground lug next to them, each should show as 110v...

    >edit< -- not sure what to do with a neutral wire in a 110 setup? Does the power supply 'know' a neutral is connected and shuts the voltage off to that lug-? I don't know...
    since you're going 220 not a worry, I'm just curious, since I would assume that's what a 110/220 switch would take care of!
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    This most likely is what is called a SWM or switch mode power supply. They do not necessarily require a voltage switch.
    Most I have seen, normally will work on either voltage if there is no switch to change it. Take the cover off and verify that it is not hidden.
    The terminal marked FG is ground. It must be connected. The other 2 terminals are the AC input.
    Note they do say 110/220.
    Regards, Pop Evans

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