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Thread: Another router table question (router lift) help me decide?

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    Another router table question (router lift) help me decide?

    I want to incorporate a lift into my router table build. At least I think I do. I've posted in the past about wanting one of the the Triton routers, and how they have an above-the-table adjustment that does not require a lift. I also have my older Bosch 1617EVS router that I've used in a router table before, simply by bolting the router base to the plate and making all the adjustments from underneath. I want something a bit easier to use but that won't break the bank. I've narrowed it down to four choices: the Jessem Rout-R-Lift II, the Rockler SL router lift, the Kreg PRS5000 Precision Router Lift, or just getting a Rockler Pro Plate and a Triton TRA001 3-1/4 hp router. All are generally in my price range, and basically in order of cost from least to most. I really have no idea what to pick as I have no experience with any of these, or even a router lift at all.
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    One thing to consider is if you already have your router table cut for a particular brand of plate. I have an old BenchDog router table and when I added a Jessem Rout-R-Lift II lift I had to reroute the top to accept the new mounting plate. I was also looking at the Rockler but got a great deal on the Jessem. I already had some other Jessem tools like the tablesaw and router table stock guides and their customer support had been good. The other deciding factor towards Jessem, was if I decided to move to larger table also from Jessem, my lift and plate would fit. I have been very happy with the Jessem lift and after working for years with the crude height adjustments of my Dewalt router. I wish I had gotten the lift sooner.

    I did briefly look into the Triton router option but since I already had two plunge routers, and a fixed base, I didn't need another router.

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    Since it's a new table build you're free to choose. I went for the JessEm Mast-R-Lift II when I wanted a lift. Yes, I had to build a new table to fit the different plate size, but it was so worth it! The Mast-R-Lift II is a dream. I can adjust bit height to 0.001" with it. Try doing that under the table.

    Sample of one.

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    I have aTriton TRA001 in a Kreg plate on a JessEm table & fence, all mounter on a shop made roller cabinet with bit and accessory storage. Without exaggeration I have run over 7,400’ and one finger tip through that router. I did have to do some maintenance related to dust and replace a bearing, but over all it did what I needed.

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    I'm using the same Bosch router with the Rockler Pro Lift. Love the snap lock. I only have one router, so if I have to use it somewhere else (i.e. in my mortising jig), I can remove it or re-install it in the router lift in only a few minutes. Whether you get the Pro Lift or SL Lift, I also recommend the Dust Bucket.

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    I like the Incra version of the Jessem Mast-R-Lift. The Incra has better inserts which are easier to adjust flush with the table top. I have owned both Incra and Jessem.

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    I have the Woodpecker PRL (old version of the lift) with the same Bosch router that you have. I have been very pleased with the set up and if I needed a second lift, would not hesitate to purchase the PRL V2.

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    Rockler giving 20% off this week. (Founders week special thru 2/27).....I saved $80 when buying Incra Pro lift (same as Jessum Mast-r-lift2)

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