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Thread: Jet 15" Planer

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    Jet 15" Planer

    I may have a chance to buy a 20 year old Jet 15" planer. Any thoughts as to the planer's performance, reliability, and serviceability?

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    Pretty much the same tool as any other 15" with different paint colors at the same time. They are not complicated machines and as long as it wasn't beaten to death, it would likely be a good tool if the price is right. See it run if at all possible. Listen for any odd sounds. Etc.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    What Jim says. In the unlikely event that you may someday actually need parts Jet probably still has them. If not Grizzly will. I owned a delta DC 380 for at least 15 years, it was still going strong when I sold it about 4 years ago. Only "part" I ever needed was a new gasket for the gear box when I changed oil, usually just cut one out of automotive gasket paper. If the price is decent grab it.

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    I had one of these, still perhaps the most favorite planer I ever owned and would still own it if I had the space.

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    I had one of those, a blue 15HH (that doesn’t stand for helical head) for about 8 years. It was a great planer, easy to use work on and adjust. Have good results and was a big step up over my lunchbox planer.

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    I bought my Sunhill 15" planer used from a small production shop about 20 years ago and it was many years old then. It is MUCH nicer than the lunch box planers I have used and it is still chugging along without any complaints today. One of the best, most useful purchases I have made. Like Jim said, the Sunhill is pretty much identical to the Jet. I would have not qualms about buying a 20 year old Jet 15" planer.

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    I had a jet jpm13 a while back it was a big leap ahead from the lunchbox one I had before that. I did have to buy a couple parts and they were available but they were expensive. I would get a lot of tear out with that machine that I could never seem to get under control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Sack View Post
    Any thoughts as to the planer's performance, reliability, and serviceability?
    As compared to?

    In general its the same as ever other 4 post out there. it's better than a lunchbox, but not as good as any of the larger (non 4 post) planers.

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