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Thread: Photo of my wife and her old boyfriend at Woodstock 1969

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel Fulks View Post
    Itís on its way here and will be posted in no more than two days according to info from seller. We are excited about it and appreciate the
    interest of this fine group.

    give us a link to where it is online we'll bring it here from there
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    Bert, I just now saw your post. All I know is itís on Getty Images on line to view. And on Ebay , I think Iíve sent name of seller . I wrote
    Earlier that I only knew of one seller. I misread the fine print of seller , If Iím remembering right at this time itís gonna be a week more
    than what I misread . I suggest going to eBay guy and blow up pic. I will get that pic up soon as I possibly can.
    Thank you.

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    eBay item Silvc-39 Canít remember if s was a capital

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