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Thread: Hurricane HTC 125 chuck

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    Hurricane HTC 125 chuck

    Hello all, I have had my new G0766 lathe for a couple months now and love it. I bought a HTC 125 chuck and am wondering if I may be trying to over tighten the jaws. After a few uses the chuck would slip when I was trying to tighten the jaws on a tenon so I took off the back and found that the snap ring had slipped out of the groove. I tapped it back into position and continued using the chuck trying to be careful not to tighten so forcefully. I usually tighten until it starts to grab then alternate on each socket to try and evenly tighten the chuck. Iím not cranking on with a two hand grip on the key just wanting to get it fairly tight. I had a talon chuck that I sold with a previous lathe that I never had this problem with. Just last night I had the same problem and had to fix the snap ring again. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue with a Hurricane chuck and to ask how you guys tighten your chucks.

  2. I also have a G0766 as one of my lathes, and use a Hurricane 100 and 125 on it. My proceedure is to tighten the jaws, and go back a “snug” the jaws on the opposite side of the first, tighten, rotate back to the first side, and “snug” again. Never had any issue with the chuck slipping, or not holding well. True for both the 125 and 100 Hurricanes I havem which is 3 100’s and 1 125 model. I also have SuperNova chucks which I use.
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    I have two 125's and have not seen what you describe. Sometimes I use a two handed grip to tighten with no problem. I suspect something is amiss with your chuck.

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    Thank you for the replyís I sent a email to the Woodturning Store and Steve Fulgoni replied back right away even on a Sunday and would like me to send the chuck back to him so he can take a look at it and resolve the issue. He is going to send a pre paid shipping label to me tomorrow. I am very impressed with what he is doing for me.
    This forum is an awesome place for info and help thank you.

  5. Steve does a great job with customer service. He will do all he can to make things right, including a new chuck if that is warranted. I’ve gotten great service from him whenever I have purchased items.
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