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Thread: Router speed controls??

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    I researched these last year for the same reason. I didn't find anything reliable, lots of complaints about failures. I looked at the Rockler as well. I'm not sure I found anything that would support that wattage either. Jessem used to sell one and they discontinued it, I suspect because of problems, but thats a guess. I ended up buying another router.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Burke View Post
    You could always make a speed control. Get a dimmer switch and an outlet. Wire them up and you have a variable speed control. It's worked for me with my older Craftsman 1hp router.
    Thats going to be specific to the dimmer, most don't have support for that much wattage. If you find the right switch though, this seems like a good idea. Just be aware some of those are designed for different purposes and I suspect that impacts the output waveform etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Henderson View Post
    In a electric motor, HP is torque times RPM times a constant factor. As you slow down a motor, the HP will decrease. This is true whether the motor is slowed down by an external unit or an internal unit. Richard references an internal unit that will maintain the speed, but that just maintains the HP at that RPM - it doesn't increase it.

    I've had a pretty good success in using those external "router speed control" units. As Jim said earlier, they're intended for dumb routers, not one with slow start. They're not very expensive so if you want to try one, go ahead.

    There is an issue of cooling because the internal fan is running slower so check the temperature (with your hand) occasionally.

    Some of the external speed controls claim that they 'maintain power at lower speeds' or words to that effect. I don't see how they could without a way to measure RPM which they don't appear to have. Do they monitor amps being used and increase amps available up to 15 or something like that? Just doesn't fit my rudimentary understanding of electricity.

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