I had business in Iowa City on last Tuesday. We made arrangements to meet some old friend, that live down there, to meet us for lunch. As we were just getting to Amana I mentioned a couple of different families, that I thought it would be nice to invite to Handworks on Sept 2nd and 3rd.

My wife picked up a 2022 Visitors Guide. She was looking to see if, and when a different craft show was going on. Evidently that show no longer exists, but she did find Handworks as a planned event in the book. Which means that it is still a scheduled event. At least at the time of the printing.

I thought I would mention that the old Woolen Mill, that is walking walking distant of Festal Barn and maybe a 1/2 block from the furniture factory, has been converted into a premier hotel. The web address is HOTELMILLWRIGHT.Com I mention this because it is a 65 room Hotel and Hotel spaces are in the area somewhat limited at least for this event.

On a personal note, I live about two hours away so I have been to every year that it has been held. Since Amana can be considered somewhat of a tourist town I wanted to say that there is plenty of things for the wife to see if you have never been there.

I wrote this just to remind you that it is still planed for sept. Handworks maybe worth putting on your calendar.