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    Trotec speedmarker

    Is the Trotec SM a CO2 Galvo? Anybody got experience with one?
    Trotec CO2-Fiber Galvos-Sandetch Cabinet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neville Stewart View Post
    Is the Trotec SM a CO2 Galvo? Anybody got experience with one?
    They have a CO2 version but itís primarily a Fiber galvo. Iíve gone through a lot of learning about the galvos lately, PM me if you are looking for more info.
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    Hey Nev,
    I think only the SM700 is available with Co2 source at around 50w. I had a demo couple of years back, to do card stock lacing. Amazing fast, around 20sec to do what took 2min+ on the old Epilog. But comes with that Trotec price, you do get what you pay for, but I reckon you could get Richard to spec similar/better machine for half the cost. I also had a demo video done by Argus/Sunic have a look under 12sec for same file. They use a Coherent tube and your choice of European or Asian Dynamic Head, around $35-50k in Trump Dollars, two years ago, might be more in Biden Dollars.
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