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Thread: What do you use your router table for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Coers View Post
    What don't I do on a router table would be a better question. The only reason not to use a router table over hand held is when it becomes a task to lift and move the stock on the router table.
    I resort to handheld if thereís a bad warp of some sort so the board wonít lay flat.

    after the drill press and the table saw, the router table is probably my most frequently used machine.

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    I donít have one, I have a tilting spindle shaper with a sliding table.

    I do have a couple of electric routers that get used every few years for something, and a router plane that is used much more frequently

    Regards, Rod

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    My router table gets "general utility" use, honestly, but even with the CNC, there are still some operations that are more appropriate to run on the router table, such as edging, grooving and other treatments of long stock and certain kinds of furniture components.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    I have the Bosch RA1171 benchtop router table and use it with a Bosch 1617EVS 2-1/4 router and the Bosch RA1165 under table lift. It's a pretty basic setup but will do most of what a serious hobbiest would want to use a router table for.

    I've used it for cutting edge profiles and rabbets. But the main reason I wanted it was for my barnwood bed project, where I created what look like 4x4 posts by using a lapped miter bit set that I bought from Infinity.

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