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Thread: Mitutoyo Dial Indicators Recommenation

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    I use to go to woodworking galleries (I live near the Krenov school in Mendocino county) and look at the beautiful, precise work and wish I were that good. To broaden my skills, I took a machinist course and learned how to work to a tolerance of 0.001”. I then applied that knowledge to woodworking and it really upped my quality. I now have 2 calipers (one dial, one digital) on my bench at all times. I don’t work to 0.001” with wood but I’m a lot more accurate than just measuring with a rule. I like the dial caliper because my eye is much better at determining “close enough”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Barstow View Post
    ... I like the dial caliper because my eye is much better at determining “close enough”.
    You hit on the reason I prefer dial calipers for most work in the shop.
    I keep five, two inch, two metric, and one combo. The reason I have two of some is so there is always one in the caliper drawer even if I've set the other down somewhere. And the batteries are never dead.

    This is my favorite for wood:


    I rarely use my digital calipers any more unless when machining.

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  3. Great, this thread triggered a $1,250 measuring tool shopping spree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leigh Betsch View Post
    Of course everyone really knows that Interapid is where it’s at
    I have to agree, IR is the best machinist grade test indicator made.
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