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Thread: Dimensions for Woodwright’s Shop Tabouret

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    Dimensions for Woodwright’s Shop Tabouret

    Thinking about making the tabouret from the Woodwright’s Shop season 34 (episode 7). Got some Sapele to try out and a simple project seems a good place to play with it. The dimensions seem to be something like a 10”-12” square top by maybe 18” tall* but I’m not sure how good my guesstimate is. Does anybody have a better guess or can confirm mine?

    *realizing I can adjust it for the wood I have and space it might go in. Still I’d like to be in ballpark for functionality.

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    I have a copy of the little book he flashes in the scene. Later today I'll try and find it.

    I made one using up some left-over cherry a few years ago. The size isn't particularly important as you have already guessed. And we found one made of oak in a 2nd hand store once. Top had split but we bought it, repaired and it does make a nice low plant stand.
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