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Thread: Does Festool have package prices?

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    Thanks for the help here Creeks. I got my answer and made my decision so what’s say we just kill this conversation before it turns into another manufacturer bashing.
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    have no problem with the replacement bags being considerably more expensive
    really ?

    Looks to me like the bags for that vac cost 10bucks each at the Depot. Same price as comparable sized Festool bags.

    are fine with a three year vs. lifetime warranty
    Have you tried to avail yourself of a warranty with ridgid vac ? Good luck. The FT is unconditional for 3 yrs - not defects. You’re gonna hit a wall of “normal wear and tear “ when you try and claim in five years on the Ridgid.

    Ridgid are great vacs for the prices charged. They just aren’t in a league with premium vacs like festool , nilfisk, hilti, ect…. But not everyone needs/wants/can afford that level. Which is totally fine. There’s a product for everyone out there.

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