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Thread: Tapered Reamers

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    Just checking in, to see if that package arrived safely...USPS says they dropped it off at the mailbox yesterday...
    A Planer? I'm the Planer, and this is what I use

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    Steven. I got the reamer and look forward to chucking it up and taking it for a spin. Will crisp it up with some diamond paddles and I bet it will be great. Thank you! Your generosity is a testimate to why this community is so great.

    Also received my LV reamer and Tim Manney reamer. Iíll update soon with my experience for future reference. I think the first project will be a staked bench for Japanese style handtools/shave horse hybrid. My studio space is 11x11 so I gotta get creative with floor space. I believe I can make the jaw mechanism for the shavehorse removable so I can hang it on the wall. I will have dog holes on the bench portion for benchdogs and holdfasts.

    Basically a Jennie Alexander style shavehorse with roman workbench work holding.
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