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Thread: Sharpening stones

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    Sharpening stones

    Fairly new to carving. The slip stones I have are the Chris Pye set and a water stone set.

    My problem is neither one will work on my #8/10 or higher gouge. The Pye stones arenít curved enough and the slip stones are too wide for a 10mm wide.

    Looking for a source for narrower slip stones. Or will rod type stones work?

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    I don't use slip stones, rather a unit as described:

    Regarding your question, if you can't find the shape of slip stone you need, you can use dowel pins wrapped with fine sand-paper/emery-cloth shaped to suit.
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    I am also curious if anyone has had any luck using the DMT Diamond Wave for this sort of thing.

    I am also thinking that I could carve one to the correct size and then use diamond spray, diamond paste, or stropping compound.

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