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Thread: amazing craftsman rifle maker

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    amazing craftsman rifle maker

    maybe this has been on here before. Friend who is an industrial designer inventor machinest woodworker and and and sent it.

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    Gusler had no instructor and is credited with being the first modern to figure the whole thing out.

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    Pretty interesting. One has to wonder how much trial and error went into developing those ideas. Things we take for granted today were all very challenging processes back in the 17 and 18 hundreds.

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    Thanks Warren! That was fascinating; an amazing craftsman.

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    Possibly the most fascinating video ever depicting the skill, training and time it took to become an accomplished craftsman. I can’t even imagine. 300 hours!
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    Before Gusler figured it all out there were guys making locks….but not the barrels.

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    That was fascinating from start to finish. The making of the barrel amazed me. The info on heating the finish is something for us all to take note of. Thanks for sharing.

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