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Thread: safety in the workplace

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    safety in the workplace

    if you go in from :40 seconds to 2:00 minutes this lady will demonstrate the finer points of how to safely cross cut on a sliding table saw. I watched a few more you tubes and almost a guarantee there would be a kids dont do this at home moment. Pretty minimal kickback compared to what it could have been.

    What struck me watching a few of these was the mass of slabs of walnut in a few. Imagine how much material from all over the world ends up there. Then likely shipped back.

    If you are going to cut like this lady I suggest you get a suit of armour, if not at least goalie pads.

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    Wow. Just about everything you're not supposed to do, including no safety gear. I like the skirt, however.

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    Isn't that something? The best woodworkers have a way of making it look so easy.
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    Jointers? We don’t need no steenking jointers! As well as all the other glaring mistakes.

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    I was relieved she didnt use the jointer, if you use a table saw like that what will you do on a jointer. Interesting technique of looking into the planer crouched down.

    One thing I have seen with some pros is standing behind the board as they feed into the planer. Remember a friend in a good shop saying the planer kicked back and hit him in the stomach and bounced back into the planer and kept going, he laughed about it. Lucky the planer table was not at a lower height, that can take your sense of humour away.

    Its pretty odd you tube whatever it is.

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    Agreed, we had a piece of 12/4 red oak explode in the gang rip saw, one shard came out the infeed side, somehow through the chain curtain into the stomach of the operator.

    It was around 2 feet long and was removed in surgeryÖ Rod

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    Maybe there should be a YT safety committee, seeing they are into monitoring content………

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod Sheridan View Post
    Agreed, we had a piece of 12/4 red oak explode in the gang rip saw, one shard came out the infeed side, somehow through the chain curtain into the stomach of the operator.

    It was around 2 feet long and was removed in surgery… Rod
    Wow. That's an injury I never saw in the OR. And that's saying a lot.
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    I teach basic woodworking in groups and one of the important safety lessons is avoid standing down range of a potential kickback. Avoiding things like looking directly into the planer while your feeding material into it is part of that.

    In my shop safety glasses are worn when anyone is using a tool, donít care if itís a hand tool or machine. Ear pro every time a machine is getting turned on.

    Gloves are for material handling not when running a machine! I use cut-proof gloves now for sharping large mortising chisels also.

    FirstAid kit and fire extinguisher mounted to the wall in sight of everyone in the shop. I use multiple spaces and each one has a first aid kit and fire extinguisher on the wall.
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    pretty sure yt has removed lots for different reasons, showing too much, saying too much and and. I cant see how they could inspect it really. Ive seen so much. I screen save a bit here and there.

    Some just a person not knowing, some insane. They could hire me and id find lots, they could hire Rod and he find lots more. id be a hypocrite with how I work. Then do you take a you tube off cause someone does a few stupid things on an otherwise good video. Last week saw a guitar builder, built a great guitar then I see him ripping on a table saw no fence. He knew how to build a guitar but not how machinery works. Junior level machinery is at times more forgiving but still.

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    I thought it was interesting how she adjusted the planer for each pass on each piece.
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    What is bizarre is that, unlike a lot of similar videos, she clearly has experience using the tools (even if not always using them safely) and building stuff. I scanned through some of her other videos, and she is consistently hitting switches on the saw, etc without looking, so she has used them enough to be quite familiar with them. She is pretty good on the forklift also.

    It almost seems like she is the owner's daughter/niece/granddaughter and has worked there for a while helping with stuff (maybe not advanced things), and is just goofing around on her day off making videos for her friends and subscribers. With more experience and some safer practices, she probably could be a good video instructor.

    I confess to having a somewhat flagrant disregard for safety using tools in my teen years as well. Fortunately I survived with all ten figures and and managed to (mostly) pick up safe habits since then

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    I am definitely considering upgrading my shop attire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Jenness View Post
    I am definitely considering upgrading my shop attire.

    Yeah, I don't know if my glue and finish covered sweatshirt and frayed jeans are quite going to cut it anymore. I guess I have a wardrobe made for podcasting.

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    Obviously the bending over in the tight mini skirt was the entire point of the exercise. Guards and underwear removed for demonstration purposes. You other youtubers are going to have to raise your games.

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