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Thread: What are these chisels?

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    What are these chisels?

    The recent thread on chisels had me yearning to buy an upgraded set. Then I thought, I have 'plenty' of chisels - the ones I use the most are an older blue handle Marples set.

    But several years ago I picked up this set for not too much $. Anybody have any idea what they are? They sharpen well and I do use the smaller ones routinely (abuse even). Shapes/angles are a bit different than my others, which is sometimes good sometimes not, but overall very useable. Handles arent pretty. My guess is they came from a woodworking catalog from the 80's (given the source/yard sale I picked them up from).


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    They look like entry level Japanese nomi (bench chisels). The Red Oak handles are in line with this. I've seen Iyoroi that resembled these.

    Now "entry level" Japanese nomi are still better than 75% of the premium Western chisels. They should take and hold a very good edge.

    Best used with a gennou (steel hammer). This creates better control.

    Regards from Perth


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    I have a set that looks similar. I use them all the time with good results. They were not inexpensive and I hope they are of a commensurate quality. In any case they are probably better than I deserve. I just can't hit them with a steel hammer.

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