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Thread: I'm remaking some drawers

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    I'm remaking some drawers

    We have several drawers in our bathroom that were made too shallow, I'm going to make new sides and bottoms to increase the length. The drawers are put together with a 'special' device. My questions are what is this device called and where can I get them, please see the pictures.


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    Personally, I would drop the little plastic piece and rebuild them with more traditional construction techniques. If you don't want to mess with dovetails (I wouldn't want to mess with dovetails) you might want to look at a drawer lock joint or similar:

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    You can even use simple butt joints that are glued and screwed at the back of your drawers...

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    Looks like a knockdown connector ( shown below. Fast if you're building lots of drawers but not the strongest way. I don't think they're very common for drawer construction.

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    Thanks for the information, more curious about the name then actually buying any, glue and screws, as Jim suggested is probably how I will do it.
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    I would suggest that you use locking rabbet joints for attaching the front and back to the sides. The joints are fairly easy to make and you don't need anything other than a table saw to make them.
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    I'd consider just stretching the existing drawers. Saw off the back few inches and but join a splice piece into them. Add dominos or splines if the strength worries you.

    OTOH you might want to do it right in which case it's a bigger but more satisfying project.

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