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Thread: Desiccant in handplane till?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Mathews View Post
    Interesting article. Thanks for posting the link. I plan to pick up some of the CRC 3-36 and give that a try. I'm surprised WD-40 wasn't more prominently mentioned. Based on the result photos it seemed to perform as well as the CRC 3-36.
    i vaguely remember that. And the cr 3-36 doesn’t effect wood finish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Wilkins View Post
    i vaguely remember that. And the cr 3-36 doesn’t effect wood finish?
    Not in my experience. It's currently one of the many light oils on my rags. Also on my cast iron surfaces (which are still prone to rust, if dust is left)

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    My guess is WD-40 left an oily residue they didn't like. I use CRC 3-36, and once dry, the metal just feels smoother.

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    I wonder why they didn't use simple mineral oil in the study, since it's one of the ingredients of CRC 3-36. Mineral oil doesn't smell, doesn't dry; it's surprising how little attention it receives and yet when one looks closely at other products it's there as an ingredient.

    Are there any disadvantages to using mineral oil as a rust preventer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carl Beckett View Post
    I recall a few years back some posts about 'golden rod' heaters. Small tubular heaters meant to sit in the tool drawer and keep temps above condensation point.
    You can buy gentle cylindrical heaters for gun cabinets and pianos. I put a long one (it was called a Damp Chaser) in an upright piano once when it rained most of the summer and the keys started sticking - it fixed the problem. I have a short one in my gun safe - never a spot of rust on any gun or barrel. (Of course, I oil everything too)

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    IF you are good friends at the local Drug Store.....ask them about that packs that come in the Bulk pills containers...that they throw away....saves them the expense of trashing them.
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    I've been using 3.36 ever since that article came out, and have been very pleased with it. It comes in various sizes and types of dispensers. I bought a couple of the pump spray bottles, and a gallon to fill them with after being very satisfied with the first spray can of it I bought to try. There is still a lot left in that gallon that must be 8 or 9 years old now.

    I leave it standing on planer beds that don't get used very often, and it's not hard to get them ready even after that.
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