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Thread: two miter jigs

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    two miter jigs

    I have been meaning to build a double miter gauge for my sliding table saw as well as a shooting board, and finally got around to it.

    The miter gauge is patterned after one made by Derek Cohen, minus length stops. Most of my miters are cut to a knife mark, so the jig as shown will provide a sight line (and backup in one direction). For repeated length cuts I can add longer backers and clamp on a stop. I cut out the platen on my cnc but it could be done as well with a table saw and router.

    The shooting gauge is based on the Lee Valley design. The quadrant indexes off a baseplate and is meant to be either right- or left-handed. I built up a pad to match the baseplate on the left side, put stops on both ends to make it ambidextrous and sized it so the far stop drops into the tool well of my bench. I need to get a couple more nuts and bolts for a second backer. It may not get much use given the double miter gauge, but it should come in handy for sneaking up on an exact fit.DSC_0780[1].jpgDSC_0781[1].jpg
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    Kevin, those are awesome! Someday when I get back to a slider after having a building to put it in, I might want to hit you up for the CNC files so I don't have to reinvent the wheel, as it were.

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    Well done. Where did you source the quadrant for the shooting board?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Bain View Post
    Where did you source the quadrant for the shooting board?
    Lee Valley

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    I use a similar double miter fence on my RAS, mounted on the edge of the table. Cut the 2 pieces on opposite sides and any set up error cancels.

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