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Thread: A little drill press maintenance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Brewer View Post
    I have no movement at all in the vertical/horizontal plane or side to side.
    When the locking bolt is tightened, no movement at all.
    Not when tightened, but it will when loose. I understood you wanted to keep the table in the same vertical plan when the table was raised or lowered. Having the rack secured to the column will not accomplish that. There's no up side to securing it, only disadvantages. Having the rack loose is a good thing. If you keep the column and collars clean and rust free, and pay attention when the table is moved horizontally there will be no issues with bending or binding the rack. I've never even lubed mine and don't see the need to.

    If you do need the table to remain in the same vertical plane, then adopting a square column, as was mentioned earlier, would be a way to do it.

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    I did a little drill press maintenance yesterday too.
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