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Thread: Foredom/Mastercarver Recip Handpiece vs Automach?

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    Foredom/Mastercarver Recip Handpiece vs Automach?

    Anyone have experience with both the Foredom or Mastercarver reciprocating handpiece AND the Automach? I'd like to know if they are comparable. I plan on using for woodcarving, mostly on woodturning pieces. The Automach is on sale now but I plan on adding one of the rotary carvers (SR motor likely) sooner than later. Is the Automach *that* much better?

    Note: the additional handpiece is $80, the Automach $250

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    I've had an Automach for about 25 years. It works well but is not very powerful. Also, the available chisels and gouges are kind of thin and easy to break if you pry hard while cutting. The Arbortech Power Chisel is powerful, but it's heavy and a bit awkward, and the cutting tool choices are limited. I also have a Foredom but have never tried the reciprocating handpiece. Hope this is helpful.

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