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    Dust Collector

    An AMT dust collector has com up on the local Craigslist for really cheap. I use my shop vac for dust collection and it doesn't do a very good job and I have t empty the 5 gallon separator every few passes when I use my planer.

    Am I nuts to let it go or should I snap it up even though I know it's not the very bests I could get? I'm thinking that for $25 it's better than what I have and I can run my homemade air "purifier" that hangs from the ceiling.
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    Worth $25 for the motor and switch. Use full size 4 or 6" ducts for upgrade latter if needed. The bag is probably not fine enough for good dust control.
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    If what you are looking at is old 1.5 or 2 HP single stage , yes its worth $25 . A good starting point , you could convert to 2 - stage down the road .

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