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Thread: Shopfox planer resale value

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronald Blue View Post
    Did the new planer arrive? What did you decide on the old one?
    I haven't gotten the new planer in yet it was supposed it to come in last week. I went with the oliver 4470 it is their 25" helical planer. I am going to list the shop fox for sale at 3800-4000 and see if I get any interest.

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    I think I would list it for $3900. It gives people the feeling that it's cheaper than $4000 by more than $100. You can always ask less if you don't get much interest. I would also include the name Powermatic so anyone searching for Powermatic tools will also see it. It's crazy how much prices have gone up. I think I paid less than $3k with tax and shipping for my 1033x just a couple years ago.

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