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Thread: Small box of Aromatic Red Cedar, with tray

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    Small box of Aromatic Red Cedar, with tray

    Had a stash of the stuff...used for lining closets...T&G 1/4" thick planks...was done to a small pile...might as well build something out of it..
    Cedar Box, Project post, front.JPG
    Standing about 3-1/2" 8" long across the lid's length..
    Cedar Box, Project post, end.JPG
    And 4-3/8" front to back
    Cedar Box, Project post, back.JPG
    Spares box provided the hinges...Each side has 3 brass nails..
    Cedar Box, Project post, bottom.JPG
    Don't want the bottom to drop out, do we?
    Underneath a tray..
    Cedar Tray, 3 compartments, tray rest.JPG
    Divided into 3 compartments...dividers also support the tray..
    Cedar Tray, all done.JPG

    2 coats of clear gloss poly on the outside...none on the inside

    The Boss will have this on her Night stand, to hold her rings and other shiny things....So a certain feline can't play with them..

    Just using up left-overs..
    A Planer? I'm the Planer, and this is what I use

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    Very Nice box. Nice and clean looking!

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