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Thread: Ruida RDC644XG controller to epilog 24T

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    Ruida RDC644XG controller to epilog 24T

    I have an old Epilog 24TT whose mother board is dead. Replacements not available. has anyone fitted an alternative controller to an epilog laser? it seems such a shame to scrap the machine while the rest is perfect.

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    The truth is more likely to be, a component in the motherboard is dead, not the whole motherboard. If Epilog doesn't have a electronics shop set up that is at least capable of attempting to diagnose a motherboard problem, and with luck successfully repairing the thing, then that's a sad thing for Epilog. I don't know if they do or not but it's worth checking into, could be a simple fix...

    Case in point, my 2005 GCC Explorer went into meltdown over the holidays, no booting, or booting with the laser lens head slamming both ends of the gantry at speeds I've never seen before, endless error messages on display- Turns out the problem was a flat ribbon cable wasn't making a good connection to its plug. Why a flimsy flat ribbon cable is used to carry most or all of the XY instructions between the motherboard and the servo motors I don't know, I would have expected a nice, wired up plug of some sort. But the machine was totally useless until I finally pulled the ribbon cable out and found the plastic plug lock(?) broken and damaged conductor. I did a MacGuiver fix to get it working. I can't even put the cover back on the side of the machine as it makes contact with the cable and I'm afraid just putting the cover on may dislodge the ribbon from the board. But it IS working and with luck Jorlink may have a replacement cable-
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