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Thread: DC 380 Planer Oil Leak

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    DC 380 Planer Oil Leak

    Delta DC 380 Planer: Leaks an inordinate of oil from the gearbox. Specifically it comes from the gear box at the rod (with a knob on the end) that changes speeds. I've changed the oil seal twice ( 5mm O-ring) to no avail. Any thoughts? TIA, Vince
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    Vince how closely have you examined the shaft where it makes contact with the o ring. Possibly a burr that knicks your new O ring right away. Something is wrong if this leaks like you say .I remember the Oring but it has been a while and I do not remember the shaft /O ring/housing relationship. Maybe post a picture if possible. I owned a 380 for about ten years and mine leaked from new, but not from the shaft. When I finally pulled it apart I discovered the gasket from the factory dipped away from one of the top corners of the cast cover such that there was essentially no gasket for about 1.5 inches , no wonder it leaked.

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    I have a Delta 15 planer, could you have too much oil in it? Or is the oil to light weight? Using weight that's recommended? Randy
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    That's a very common complaint on that machine. Here's one from 9 years ago.

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