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Thread: Jet 1642 EVS

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    I just pulled the assembly out and sprayed into the obvious seams and openings. Pretty basic.
    I've had a Jet 1642 for 10-15 years now and my on-off switch did go bad. I checked through Jet and the 'assembly' was something like $70-$100 when I looked for it several years back. From what I remember it was for more than just the switch, it had the button and some other stuff with it IIRC, I checked on Ebay and found the switch for something like $10, so I bought 2, one for immediate use and one to go on the parts shelf. Working fine but I always have another if ever needed.
    I thought about trying to clean the old one, but those usually don't hold for me so I got a replacement.
    My 2 cents.

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    My 3520A had the head stock bearings go out. I was able to buy the bearings, and a belt, and get it repaired by a fix it shop for less than I could get the parts for through PM/Jet. Most parts are 'off the shelf' types and can be had locally, and some times you can get better parts.

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    I bought my 1.5hp 1642EVS in 2007. I donít turn every day, but itís had a lot of hours put on it in 15 years and Iíve never had a problem with it. I have gotten into the habit of unplugging it whenever Iím not using it, because Iíve heard of voltage spikes (lightning) frying the VFD.

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    Hi All,
    So it may be a month yet before I learn if I can get the 16/42 or not. I want to thank everyone for all of the input. If it does not work out then I will probably get a Laguna 18/36 but weíll have to see. I will update this thread once a decision has been made.

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