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Thread: Female port for old shop vac hose

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    Female port for old shop vac hose

    Hey... I have a probably 20 year old Fein Turbo 3. I have two hoses, a 2.5" and 1.25" hose. Both have a recessed ring at the end of the hose that clicks into the port on the Fein. Picture attached. Now, I want to use these same hoses with my dust collector. So I'd like to find a female port that these hoses can plug into with the same positive click-in locking action. At the time, I think this was a standard mechanism; I'm pretty sure the 2.5" host was from Craftsman, for example. But I've done every flavor of web search I can think of and can't find anything (can't even find hoses with this locking mechanism). Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I have an older Fein Turbo II. A standard 2 1/2" hose with tapered ends will fit but there's no locking mechanism. The only locking mechanism I've seen on a dust collector is the Fein hose. I had a Shop Vac before the Fein and it didn't have any sort of latching mechanism.

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    Interesting. It's a great system, works perfectly and is super simple, I'm surprised it got dropped and/or never adopted by anyone else. I could have sworn the 2.5" hose was from Craftsman but maybe I got it from Fein too (it was 20 years ago...). That would certainly explain things if it was from Fein. Thanks.

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    My Ridgid vac has locking ports. Might be an adapter out there somewhere.
    On the other hand, I still have five fingers.

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    That's what I've been trying to find... with ZERO luck. Hoping the hive mind will come up with something. It looks like RIDGID has a different locking mechanism though.

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    Is that something that could be 3D printed?

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    Probably... if I had one.

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    I had a Porter Cable vac that had a locking connection, but no longer have it. Not sure they are made any more.

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