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Thread: a coffee graphic machined out of black walnut

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    a coffee graphic machined out of black walnut

    found this coffee graphic and thought it would look good machined out of black walnut using
    the CNC machine and also use the CO2 laser for the text at the top
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    Nicely done Stan!

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    Nice work Stan! Keep them coming!

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    thanks a lot and I will and 2022 i hope will bring new ideas
    and i appreciate the good comments and push to carry on
    I am also in the sign section here for vinyl graphics, this was a new venture for me about 1 month back
    and i am still learning

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    if you are looking for older videos click the link below
    Back in oct 2021 utube closed my account because someone hacked into it, i had a lot of videos there since 2008.
    I tried 7 times to contact utube (google) and they would not answer my requests.
    I had been with them for a long time and why all of a sudden would I post something bad
    I finally just gave up and was able to piggy back on someone else's site until i got my feet back on the ground
    Well I have , its not 100$% done but close to it own site
    I think utube cut me off because I refused the monetary side of people looking at my videos, i did not want to be paid for each view
    and i told them not to advertise on my I was not a money maker

    This is my new site and it will grow....

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